Julie Guinto

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant, Julie supports Shruti Sehra, Managing Partner of the Reimagine Learning Fund, Jody Cornish, Managing Partner of the Reimagine Learning Fund, and Liz Riker, Senior Partner of the Innovation Fund.

Julie loves what she does and was really attracted to New Profit because of the passion and fire in every associates eyes. She says she enjoys it because everything she does has a purpose, and she loves being a part of an organization that incites so much change.

Julie grew up a few miles outside of Boston and has seen first-hand what it’s like to be a student in a school in a low-income area. Since then, she went on to study Elementary Education and aspires to help students obtain the physical and mental tools they would need to study their way out of poverty.

Julie began her career at a Fortune 500 financial services company, eventually working her way up to a Master General Agent over a period of a few short years. After getting her feet wet working directly in the financial world, Julie moved on to work as an Executive Assistant and the Human Resources Manager at a Finance Company.

Julie likes to spend her free time swimming, gardening, and cooking for others with the foods that she grows.