Kathryn Price

Managing Partner, Chief Administrative Officer

Kathryn joined New Profit in early 2004. Throughout her tenure, she has worked across almost all departments and projects. Now serving as Chief Administrative Officer, Kathryn oversees, manages, and servers as the connective tissue for New Profit’s Finance, Talent, Operations, and centralized Development functions. She is focused primarily on the creation, improvement, and implementation of systems and processes to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the organization, and managing resource allocation across the organization to ensure completion of goals and long-term sustainability.

Kathryn Price first became interested in the nonprofit sector while volunteering for Peace First during college. Peace First is a Boston-based organization working to help children develop the skills, knowledge, supportive relationships, and opportunities they need to prevent violence and build safer communities. She fell in love with the organization’s mission and her students, all of which led her to commit herself to a career dedicated to social change. Also during college, Kathryn was also introduced to venture philanthropy, Vanessa Kirsch, and New Profit.

Before joining New Profit, Kathryn was an undergraduate student at Tufts University. She graduated in 2003 with a degree in quantitative economics.