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2020 annual report
Meeting the Moment
Welcome to New Profit’s 2020 Annual Report microsite. To supplement our traditional printed annual report, we created this site to bring the voices of our network of social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and staff more directly and dynamically to the fore. We hope you’ll take some time to review the site and get to know the breakthrough, proximate changemakers who are on the front lines of making America more equitable and true to its founding ideals. If you would like to request a printed copy of the annual report, please email
Alex Bernadotte

Founder and CEO of Beyond 12, a digital coaching platform that combines virtual college coaches, a campus customized mobile app, and an AI-powered analytics engine to help historically underserved students thrive in college and beyond. Beyond 12, a New Profit grantee-partner, currently provides 90,000+ students nationally with the academic, social, and emotional support they need to not only earn their degrees but to translate those degrees into meaningful employment and choice-filled lives. Read her story

Sarah Audelo

Executive Director of the Alliance for Youth Organizing, a nationwide network of organizations building the political power of young people, and one of the premier youth vote vehicles in the United States. With 20 network organizations across nearly 20 states, the Alliance, a former New Profit grantee-partner, supports and scales the work of local organizations, building a movement of young people, by young people, and for all people. Read her story

Curt Ellis

As a parent, Curt knows that what his kids eat has a daily impact on how they feel, learn, and grow. As Co-Founder and CEO of FoodCorps, a former New Profit grantee-partner, Curt is mobilizing thousands of young Americans to advocate for a school system in which every child—regardless of race, place, or class—has the healthy food they need to thrive. Read his story

This has been an extraordinary year for New Profit. In the midst of the pandemic, a national reckoning on racial equity, and other challenges, we increased our investments dramatically, focusing on supporting leaders of color and organizations driving systems change.
2020 Build Investment Announcements
In 2020, we made new investments in eight breakthrough organizations, 4.0 Schools, Beyond 12, CASEL, Equal Opportunity Schools, Pivot Learning, PushBlack, Saga Education, and Urban Alliance. View full investment announcements for each of these groundbreaking torganizations here.
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2020 Catalyze Investment Announcements
In 2020, made 28 new Catalyze investments across two new cohorts EdCatalyst (innovation in education) and PIE (Postsecondary Innovation for Equity). Click here to learn more about each of these cohorts and the breakthrough organizations within them.
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2020 Portfolio Exits
In 2020, we wrapped up and celebrated parterships with an extraordinary group of organizations that exited New Profit's Build portfolio after four+ years of investment, Acelero Learning, Innovate Public Schools, Leading Educators, and UnboundEd. Click here to learn about each of these breakthrough organizations.
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George Galvis

Executive Director of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ), a New Profit grantee-partner that works to end cycles of violence and poverty by uplifting young people of color that have been impacted by incarceration to lead the way in transforming their community and developing the policies that impact them. Read his story

Vanessa Garrison

Co-founder and COO of GirlTrek, the largest public health nonprofit for African-American women and girls in the United States. GirlTrek, a New Profit grantee-partner, aims to create the next American civil rights movement centered on Black women walking for healthier bodies, safer streets, and a bold new culture of health liberation. Today over 1 million women (Trekkers) are participating in the movement. Read her story

Eliza Greenberg

A member of New Profit’s Operating Council who oversees New Profit’s more emergent functions and strategies including Development, Communications, America Forward, Early Childhood Support Organizations (ECSO) and Future of Work. Eliza joined New Profit in 2011, and has since served as Deal Partner to multiple New Profit grantee-partners, including FoodCorps, First Place for Youth, Health Leads, and ROCA. Read her story

Systems Change Stories
Integrated with, and supplementing, our Portfolio approach is our focus on investing in innovative organizations, cohorts of organizations, and multi-stakeholder initiatives that can unlock transformative change in inequitable systems.
Dynamic engagement in the 2020 Election
In 2020, the work of the America Forward Coalition was critical to shaping the agenda for the incoming administration and Congress, helping our communities recover, and building systems that are more equitable.
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A Grand Challenge for innovation and equity
The unprecedented cross-sector, equity-focused effort aims to rapidly reskill 25,000 displaced workers into living-wage, higher-quality jobs in the next 24 months.
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Bridging the racial funding gap in philanthropy
This comprehensive, systems-change approach centers proximity as expertise and guides our work to advance racial and economic justice across our nation.
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Bringing Fortune 500 expertise to the social sector
A groundbreaking collaboration providing catalytic strategic support to help organizations scale impact the way that companies are able to scale products and services.
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Eshauna Smith

CEO of Urban Alliance, a New Profit grantee-partner that provides high school students from underserved communities with access to opportunities needed to solidify lifelong economic self-sufficiency. The organization’s innovative model is driving strong results: 100% of Urban Alliance students graduated from high school, and over 80% of alumni enrolled in a two-or four-year college. Read her story

Dwight Poler

A lead investor in New Profit’s Inclusive Impact strategy and Proximate Capital Fund. From 1994 to 2017, he was part of the leadership of Bain Capital, where he founded and managed the European Private Equity Business from 2000-2017 and remains a senior advisor. Dwight now manages AccelR8, a fund investing in climate change mitigation.  Dwight is a member of the Boston Foundation Board of Directors and chairs its Finance Committee, as well as an Amherst College Trustee. Read his story

Yordanos Eyoel

New Profit Partner who leads the vision, strategy development, and management of New Profit’s Catalyze Investments portfolio. In 2019, she launched Civic Lab, as part of New Profit’s Catalyze Investment portfolio, to invest in organizations led by visionary democracy entrepreneurs that are working to create civic trust and an inclusive democracy. Read her story