Amina Fahmy

Partner, Portfolio Performance & Support

Amina leads the Portfolio Performance & Support function. In this role she is spearheading the organization’s efforts to further increase the consistency and quality of the support provided to portfolio organizations and to assess the progress and performance of individual organizations and our overall portfolio.

Amina considers herself equally wedded to passion and objectivity, and derives satisfaction from big picture thinking and strategy development, as well as doing work on the ground. Having grown up in Egypt, she thinks of herself as a global citizen who will always have an eye for issues on a global scale and a personal attachment to the Middle East. Yet, she is also delighted to have made America her new home and to be actively engaged in her local reality.

Prior to New Profit, Amina worked as a Research Analyst at the Middle East Youth Initiative (MEYI) at the Brookings Institution. Her research focus included education and institutional reform, private sector engagement in development, and social entrepreneurship and investment. At MEYI, she co-authored two flagship publications, Missed by the Boom, Hurt by the Bust: Making Markets Work for Young People in the Middle East and Social Entrepreneurship in the Middle East: Towards Sustainable Development for the Next Generation.

She has an M.A. with distinction from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a B.A. in Business Administration from George Washington University. Amina lives with her husband and son in Cambridge, MA.