Derrek Shulman

Partner, Senior Philanthropic Advisor

As Partner and Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Derrek is responsible for strengthening New Profit’s position as a leading national venture philanthropy fund. By raising additional resources, Derrek helps to increase the scope and impact of New Profit’s portfolio.

Derrek is motivated by New Profit’s ability to redefine philanthropy, and deliver social justice on a scale worthy of all people no matter their background or circumstance.

Derrek’s work at New Profit is an extension of his previous employment at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a civil rights organization. As Regional Director for ADL New England, Derrek focused on confronting discrimination and delivering social justice for all. Derrek managed anti-bias programs, forged diverse community partnerships, and led a surge in fundraising that doubled the size of his regional office. His anti-bullying campaign helped to create a landmark state law.

Prior to ADL, Derrek served as the New England Political Director of AIPAC, a national pro-Israel lobby, where he worked closely with members of Congress and their constituents to strengthen the US-Israel relationship. Derrek also held various positions in the administrations of Massachusetts Governors Weld, Cellucci, Swift, and Romney, and he ultimately rose to the position of Chief of Staff at the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Days after delivering the Senior Commencement Address at Clark University, Derrek began his professional career as a reporter/columnist for a daily newspaper in Central Massachusetts.