Gizela Thomas

Associate, Operations

Gizela plays a vital role in New Profit's Office Operations Team facilitating an efficient work environment for the entire team.

Gizela graduated in May of 2019 from Union College with a B.A. in History and Political Science. During her time at Union, she was able to participate in four terms abroad in which she was able to intern at several organizations including Public Citizen, a Congress Watch organization based in Washington D.C. and had research published as well as develop family planning initiatives in Hanoi, Vietnam. She also completed and published her senior thesis on the history and politics of corn in the Americas. During the summers, she worked at a day program for adults with disabilities helping them engage in the community and participate in art therapy.

In high school, Gizela’s passion for food justice first developed when she worked on an urban farm in Dorchester and on a thirty-three-acre farm in Lincoln, MA. As a youth working for the Food Project, she learned about food inequities and food desserts. During her undergraduate school, she wrote and researched about food injustice and food sustainability. She hopes to foster and promote food sustainability, work towards ending malnutrition and limiting corporate interests in all aspects of the seed to fork timeline.

Gizela loves to visit her family members in Peru, Japan and all across America, learning more about her diverse culture and speaking in Spanish. Traveling, eating, biking and spending time at home with her younger sister are just a few of her favorite hobbies.