Lisa Taylor

Director, Talent & Organizational Development

Lisa's passion is rooted in finding and cultivating the people that make New Profit possible. Her role spans the talent spectrum - recruiting and hiring, performance management, professional development, and organizational structure. She also focuses on nurturing an organizational culture that supports learning, collaboration, equity and inclusion, and trust to keep the team engaged and performing at its best.

Lisa is a California native who ventured to Maine to attend Bates College, then down to Boston where she found New Profit. She joined as an assistant a decade ago and learned the ropes of the organization and the workplace in general. Since then, Lisa’s had the opportunity to explore her professional interests and try various roles within New Profit, ranging from portfolio support and investment selection to leadership coaching and organizational development. The learning-orientated culture and dynamic, relational team had her hooked from day one, and she continues to believe in the potential of New Profit’s collaborative and strategic approach to reducing economic inequality in the US.

Lisa now splits her time between New Profit’s Boston office and Brunswick, Maine where her wife, twin toddlers, and dog recently relocated to be closer to family and mother nature.