Nithya Joseph

Advocacy Director, America Forward

As Advocacy Director, Nithya leads America Forward's K-12 education policy, education equity, national service, and advocacy capacity building work and contributes to America Forward's Presidential engagement efforts.

Nithya believes in the power of all kids to learn and succeed, and in people’s ability to reach their highest potential if the existing systems provide the opportunity. All stakeholders involved in the education system- those developing, implementing, and affected by education policies- must work together to create the systems needed to allow people to thrive.

Nithya previously served as a Senior Director at the Leadership for Educational Equity, where she oversaw various national programs that aimed to develop the policy knowledge and equity mindset of individuals as a means to advancing educational equity.

Prior to that, she worked at the National Council on Teacher Quality where she focused her efforts on analyzing and advising stakeholders on state- and district-level teacher quality policy trends and best practices. She also worked at StudentsFirst, researching and writing about teacher-quality policy and mobilizing constituents to advocate for legislation change in states across the country.

Nithya began her career at the District of Columbia Public Schools central office as an analyst. That experience solidified her passion to pursue policy change to create more equitable and excellent educational opportunities for all students, with a focus on students from under-resourced communities.
Nithya has a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown and a BA from the University of California, San Diego.

Nithya grew up in California and is now based in Washington, DC where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and dog.