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Acelero Learning: The Story of George and Little George

Acelero Learning, a New Profit grantee-partner from 2012 - 2020, is relentlessly focused on building a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.

December 16, 2020

Acelero Learning, a New Profit grantee-partner from 2012-2020, has laid the groundwork to ensure that all children are Kindergarten ready so that they are poised to succeed in school and life. Through its comprehensive services model, Acelero provides unique support for the children and families they serve and was recently recognized as one of the five leading Head Start exemplars in the country by Bellwether Education Partners.

Over the past eight years, New Profit has been honored to partner with Acelero and contribute to the growth of such a groundbreaking organization that has touched so many lives—Acelero Learning currently directly operates 47 center locations with an enrollment of over 5,000 children.

Acelero continues to amplify its impact via its sister organization Shine Early Learning, which provides a full suite of support to quality early care and early childhood education programs that have, as a result, revolutionized their services for children and families. Over the course of our partnership, through Shine Early Learning, Acelero has launched new service offerings that support Head Start and other child care programs that have impacted nearly 200,000 children and their families

Today, we are excited to share “The Story of George and Little George” with you—a video created in collaboration with Acelero Learning and George, a parent who played an active leadership role in the Acelero community. Through this video, we hear George, narrate the story of his experience with Acelero.

Illustrations by Takeia Marie