Inclusive Impact

Looking Back at the Inclusive Impact Action Summit, Looking Forward to a New Reality

In February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic brought on widespread devastation, New Profit convened a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-generational community of leaders for dialogue on trust, equity, and impact in the social sector and America.

In February, just before COVID-19 led to health and economic devastation that laid bare America’s systemic inequities like no other event in most of our lifetimes, New Profit convened a group of extraordinary social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other leaders from across America’s broad racial, ethnic, and experiential spectrum in Washington, D.C. The goal of the convening was candid dialogue and collective learning about how barriers and disparities in the social sector are holding back progress on social problem solving across the board.

We also used the summit to announce our Inclusive Impact strategy, which aims to drive unprecedented capital and support to some of our nation’s most promising innovators—Black, Indigenous, and Latino/a/x social entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs often have close proximity to the communities the sector seeks to serve and understand the multi-dimensional root causes of social issues, but receive only a fraction of philanthropy’s resources aimed at solving them.

We didn’t know—couldn’t have known—that the events that would unfold over the following months would catapult the dialogue on racial equity to the center of global consciousness. It is a momentous tragedy that additional Black lives had to be lost to the pandemic and instances of policy brutality for that to happen. All the disruption and trauma that has cascaded across America and the world has left us more committed than ever to delving deeply into equity and how we can re-architect the social sector and America to realize the founding ideals of both. For the social sector and philanthropy, that’s a “love of humanity”, and for America, that’s the egalitarian ideal that “all people are created equal.”

We want to continue our dialogue from the summit and bring it to a wider audience, because it was provocative, powerful, and energizing.

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The Power of Storytelling for Inclusive Impact

Powerful narratives and history come together to inspire us to imagine how equity can reside at the center of our world. First, Clint Smith—a writer, teacher, and researcher—shares a poem centered around the New Deal illustrating the systemic racism that has created and continues to create inequity in our country. Second, Bryan Stevenson—Founder & Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative— shares his perspective on the importance of getting proximate, staying hopeful, changing narratives, and doing the uncomfortable things that justice requires.

Clint Smith Poem on the New Deal from New Profit on Vimeo.

Bryan Stevenson on the Power of Storytelling for Inclusive Impact from New Profit on Vimeo.

Paint A Vision. Build a Movement.

Experience a live podcast featuring leaders who have envisioned a new reality for our world and who are reshaping the justice system, education, housing, and other systems that impact our day-to-day lives. Hear about how they’re rethinking and redesigning solutions based on their identity and expertise as they paint a picture of what a more inclusive future can look like.

SPEAKERS: [Left to Right] moderated by Tulaine Montgomery, New Profit; Andre Perry, Brookings Institution; Xiomara Padamsee, Promise 54; and Adam Foss, Prosecutor Impact.

Paint A Vision Build A Movement from New Profit on Vimeo.

Aspirations for Inclusive Impact

Listen to an intimate discussion amongst funders and intermediaries who have experienced the challenges and opportunities that can come from an intentional focus on inclusive impact. We’ll explore what we’ve learned and unlearned, as well as what is required to change practice and stay the course.

SPEAKERS [Left to Right] Mitch Landrieu, E Pluribus Unum Fund; Tulaine Montgomery, New Profit; Katya Fels Smith, The Full Frame Initiative; and Sam Cobbs Tipping Point Communities

Aspirations For Inclusive Impact from New Profit on Vimeo.

These are important conversations that we need to keep having and building on. Let us know your thoughts and what resonates with you in the comments or via social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.