Staff Highlights

Meet Tara Magguilli, New Profit’s Catalyze Investment Summer Intern

We wanted to take a moment to introduce all of the amazing interns who have joined our team this summer! Meet Tara Magguilli, our second Catalyze Investment Summer Intern!

What inspired you to work in the social sector? What about New Profit’s mission inspires you?

I’ve always had a myriad of interests, so I never knew what type of career path would suit me best. My only two criteria are working with people who are extremely passionate about their work and making positive impacts upon the world, and New Profit fits the bill perfectly! I believe that a shared passion for a common mission builds the strongest sense of community; an organization with a clear mission and support system ultimately can make the largest impact on the communities they aim to build rapport with, and New Profit embodies this ideal very well. I’m eager to get to know everyone at New Profit and learn more about their career paths and their drive to do the work they do.

What are you most excited about during your summer at New Profit?

As an intern on the EdCatalyst team, I have been a part of several convenings with impressive social entrepreneurs—particularly those in the EdCatalyst and the Democracy Entrepreneurs cohorts. I’ve enjoyed seeing them discuss the most pressing issues facing those in the education sector and the world of civic engagement today and support one another in discussing meaningful, effective, and pragmatic solutions. I’m very impressed with New Profit’s ability to connect other community leaders together (even during a global pandemic!) and I’m so excited to see the extent to which the firm brings people together.

What is one of your favorite quotes, and what does it mean to you?

Toni Cade Bambara once said “the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” I consider creation—the formation of something out of nothing—to be a revolutionary process, whether it be the creation of art and poetry, rhetoric and discourse, or tight-knit communities and trustworthy governing institutions. We all play a role in the orchestration of creation as visionaries, healers, storytellers, builders, or disruptors. Finding where you fit is of the utmost importance for transformative change to take place.

As an artist and musician living in 2020, I hope to amplify the stories of individuals and communities in both triumph and tragedy and inspire them to continue their revolutionary endeavors and create strong foundations for lasting impact. 

What is one experience you want to have in your life?

Growing up in the New York metropolitan area, going to school in the Northeast, and having never left the country, I’d LOVE to travel the world! My uncle worked for the UN and had stories and art from Cambodia to Somalia to Georgia and everywhere in between. He stayed with host families rather than in the UN base camps to stimulate the local economy and build lifelong connections with those he met. I would love to meet wonderful people from all over the world and make some pen pals. My top destinations right now are Brazil, Japan, Australia, and Algeria, but the list grows every day!