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New Profit 2020 Build Investments

December 20, 2020

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a national reckoning on racial equity, and other challenges, we made an unprecedented number of new Build ($1M+ investments total over 4 years). Our support for new social entrepreneurs in the portfolio aligned with our five-year strategy, which prioritizes investing in leaders of color and in organizations focused on systems change.

Overall, we invested in eight new Build organizations: 4.0 Schools, Beyond 12, CASEL, Equal Opportunity Schools, Pivot Learning, PushBlack, Saga Innovations, and Urban Alliance. These investments increased our Build portfolio to 24 organizations, 54% of which are led by leaders of color.

Keep reading for more details on each of these breakthrough organizations and click through to view their full investment announcements.

For more from the New Profit 2020 Annual Report, click here.

    4.0 Schools: Invests coaching, community, curriculum, and cash in promising leaders to test tomorrow’s learning models with students and families in their local communities. They’ve made over 1,000 investments in founders with bold ideas and lived experiences grounded in the conditions they want to improve. 4.0 Schools believes that all people are capable of sparking real change in their communities when they have access to resources to develop their ideas at the earliest stages. Full investment announcement coming soon.

    Beyond 12: A digital coaching platform that combines virtual college coaches, a campus customized mobile app, and an AI-powered analytics engine to help historically underserved students thrive in college and beyond. Click here to view the full Beyond 12 investment announcement.

    CASEL: Through efforts in research, practice, and policy, CASEL aims to make social and emotional learning (SEL) an integral part of American Pre K-12 education. Click here to view the full CASEL investment announcement.

    Equal Opportunity Schools: Works to ensure that students of color and students from low-income backgrounds have equitable access to America’s most academically intense high school programs and succeed a the highest levels. Full investment announcement coming soon.

    Pivot Learning: Partners with district and school leaders in pursuit of educational justice to ensure that all students reach their full potential. Full investment announcement coming soon.

    PushBlack: Uses the power of narrative, especially Black history and news, to educate and activate subscribers to build their personal power and create lasting economic and political change. Click here to view the full PushBlack investment announcement.

    Saga Innovations: An evidence-based, personalized tutoring model supporting students struggling with math to put them on a path toward success and high school graduation. Full investment announcement coming soon

    Urban Alliance: Provides high school students from underserved communities with access to opportunities needed to solidify lifelong economic self-sufficiecy. Click here to view the full Urban Alliance investment announcement.

Please join us in welcoming these breakthrough organizations to the New Profit portfolio.

For more from the New Profit 2020 Annual Report, click here.