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New Profit 2020 Portfolio Exits

December 20, 2020

Over the last year, we have had a set of breakthrough organizations exit the New Profit portfolio after four to eight years of New Profit support, including Acelero Learning, Innovate Public Schools, Leading Educators, and UnboundEd.

Recently, we collaborated with each of these groundbreaking organizations to create a piece of content to give our audience a deeper look into their model. Keep reading to learn more about each of these organizations and to view the unique piece of content we created in partnership with them.

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Acelero Learning

A New Profit grantee-partner from 2012-2020 that has laid the groundwork to ensure that all children are Kindergarten ready so that they are poised to succeed in school and life. Through its comprehensive service model, Acelero provides unique support for the children and families they serve and was recently recognized as one of the five leading Head Start exemplars in the country by Bellwether Education Partners.

We partnered with Acelero to produce a recently released video titled, “The Story of George and Little George.” This animated video tells the story of a father and son and their experience with Acelero Learning. Click here to watch the full video!


Innovate Public Schools

A New Profit grantee-partner from 2015-2020 that builds the leadership and collective power of parents in communities across California and trains schools and organizations across the country to do grassroots community organizing to advance the systemic transformation of our education system.

We caught up with Matt Hammer, Founder and CEO of Innovate Public Schools, to talk about how his organization is adapting and rising to address the pandemic, racial equity, and what is next. Click here to read what Matt had to say.

Leading Educators

A New Profit grantee-partner from 2016-2020 that partners with schools systems to build and sustain the conditions, teaching, and leadership to ensure that the students furthest from opportunity succeed in school and in life.

In early 2020, two membersof the New Profit team, Sarah Duarte and Delanoe Johnson, joined Chong-Hao, CEO of Leading Educators, in New Orleans to get to know more about this breakthrough organization. Click here, to read their account of their time with the Leading Educators team.


A New Profit grantee-partner from 2016-2020 that is dedicated to empowering teachers and leaders to meet the challenges set by higher standards, unfinished instruction, and institutional racism by providing immersive instructional equity professional development and free high-quality standards-aligned resources for the classroom.

We asked Lacey Robinson, President and CEO of UnboundEd, about the life experiences that influence and drive her in this work. Click here to see what she had to say.

For more from the New Profit 2020 Annual Report, click here.