Future of Work, Inclusive Impact, Postsecondary and Career Pathways

New Profit at SXSW EDU 2022

Join us for engaging discussions about reskilling workers, driving impact, and reimagining how we fund entrepreneurs of color

February 10, 2022

Grand Challenge at SXSW EDU 2022

The Grand Challenge of Reskilling America


The enormous challenges we face related to the future of work have been heightened by the pandemic and rising inequities. This talk will focus on how the Future of Work Grand Challenge—a multi-million dollar initiative powered by New Profit, XPRIZE, MIT Solve, and JFF—aims to close this gap by reskilling displaced workers into higher-wage jobs. Experts will share insights into how tech entrepreneurs and employers can collaborate to reskill the American workforce at scale.


  • Abby Marquand, New Profit
  • Dr. Angela Jackson, New Profit
  • Kristina Francis, Jobs for the Future (JFF)
  • Anousheh Ansari, XPRIZE


New Profit Reimagine How We Fund Entrepreneurs of Color at SXSW EDU 2022

Reimagine How We Fund Entrepreneurs of Color


With only 4% of philanthropic dollars in the U.S. going to organizations led by people of color, we are at a crossroads where we can either build back better or go back to business as usual. In this meet-up, experts will share insights on ways funders, philanthropists and investors can create meaningful partnerships and pool ideas, resources & skills to serve a higher purpose. The discussion will delve into the structural shift needed to create a new era of advancing equity and shared power.


  • Molly O’Donnell, New Profit
  • Isa Ellis, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

New Profit Pathways of Impact: New Approaches for Funders at SXSW EDU 2022

Pathways to Impact: New Approaches for Funders


Pathways from education to employment remain rooted in the past, and it is clear that merely improving the outputs of our existing system is not good enough. Today, a new breed of social impact organizations is emerging, using a wider range of approaches to drive outcomes. This session will explore the new approaches of mission-oriented funders, which often deploy risk-tolerant, sector-agnostic capital, and incorporate vertical and/or horizontal integration to catalyze change across systems.


  • Tom Dawson, Strada Education Network
  • Dr. Angela Jackson, New Profit
  • Amy Klement, Imaginable Futures
  • Patrick Methvin, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation