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New Profit Partnering with The Lumina Foundation on Learn to Earn

The Lumina Foundation has announced their investment in our Learn to Earn fund, driving towards our mutual goal of increasing the number of career-ready Americans.

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Lumina Foundation, the nation’s largest private foundation focused solely on increasing Americans’ success in higher education. Their Goal 2025 initiative aims to increase the proportion of Americans with degrees, certificates and other high-quality credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025.

While national employers find that many graduates have not built the skills for career success, families, students and policymakers question the cost and value of postsecondary education. The Learn to Earn Fund seeks to catalyze disruptive innovation in the space, engage in policy advocacy to help create conditions for those innovations to scale and collaborate directly with large employers who can create powerful job pipelines.

We believe that Lumina’s strategic social investment strategy and grant-making expertise, and Learn to Earn’s community of diverse innovators, will together scale postsecondary solutions with proven impact for low-income and under-represented students

Read the full announcement here.