New Profit | SXSW 2022

August 18, 2021

New Profit has three sessions up for consideration for the 2022 South by Southwest conference. We’re committed to advancing conversations around what we can learn from proximate leaders, how philanthropy can better support entrepreneurs of color, and the collaborative efforts we need to upskill and reskill American workers.

Please help us make sure these conversations happen at next year’s SXSW by up-voting the following sessions in PanelPicker during the community voting period. To vote, please click the links below and select “Vote Up.” You need to create an account to vote, but it takes less than a minute. The last day to vote is August 26. 

  • The Power of Proximity (SXSW): This panel will explore the stories of proximate leaders and what we can learn from the way they work towards change. Featuring GirlTrek co-founders T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, and Brava Leaders founder Karla Monterroso. Moderated by New Profit co-CEO Tulaine Montgomery. Click here to vote up

  • The Grand Challenge of Reskilling America (SXSW EDU): This panel will explore ways tech entrepreneurs and employers can collaborate to reskill the American workforce at scale. Featuring Kristina Francis, Executive Director of JFFLabs, and Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE. Moderated by New Profit Managing Partner Dr. Angela Jackson. Click here to vote up

  • Reimagine How We Fund Entrepreneurs of Color (SXSW EDU): This meet-up is a place to discuss the structural shift needed in philanthropy to create a new era of advancing equity and shared power. Hosted by New Profit Managing Partner Dr. Angela Jackson and Isa Ellis, Senior Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Click here to vote up