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New Profit Welcomes Dr. Angela Jackson as Partner, Learn to Earn Fund

New Profit welcomes Dr. Angela Jackson to the team!

June 4, 2019 (Boston): We are excited to announce that Dr. Angela Jackson, an award-winning social entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive, has joined New Profit as a Partner. In this role, Dr. Jackson will lead the firm’s Future of Work Initiative as a member of the organization’s Learn to Earn Fund which seeks to close the career-readiness gap for Americans from low-income backgrounds.

“Angela brings a unique blend of successful nonprofit and for profit leadership to our team” said New Profit Managing Partner J.B. Schramm, who leads the Learn to Earn Fund. “She brings an entrepreneur’s drive, research expertise, and a civic leader’s ability to engage, motivate, and align key stakeholders. Her deep commitment to excellence and equity in postsecondary education and workforce will be critical as we advance this important work.”

Specifically, the Future of Work Initiative in New Profit’s Learn to Earn Fund is focused on revolutionizing how today’s learners develop Power Skills, the particularly human skills and mindsets—including teamwork, problem solving, empathy, computational thinking, and belonging—that uniquely complement technology and are in high demand by employers. The initiative aims to motivate leading technologists and education innovators to create dramatically more effective and scalable ways to support learners in developing the Power Skills that will be necessary for long-term life and career success.

“Tackling the challenges and opportunities presented by the Future of Work requires an urgent, broad-based shift in how we upskill our workforce—and technology, private, and philanthropic sector investments will play a critical role in securing a healthier future for our country,” said Dr. Jackson. “The vision of the New Profit, and the goals of the Learn to Earn Fund are part of this effort and I am proud to join this incredibly talented team to expand opportunities for all Americans.”

Dr. Jackson spent the past year as a full time Entrepreneur in Residence at New Profit while completing her final year of study in the Doctor of Education Leadership program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. At Harvard, Dr. Jackson’s research focused on using strategic capital deployment to increase the pool of diverse social entrepreneurs, and specifically codified and examined effect philanthropic investments in underserved communities. Previously, Dr. Jackson was the Founder and CEO of Global Language Project (GLP), an educational nonprofit leveraging world language learning to equip students for opportunities in higher education and the workforce. In that role, Dr. Jackson raised more than $10 million dollars over five years to change the trajectory of hundreds of young lives by empowering them with valuable knowledge in a second language. Prior to GLP, Dr. Jackson spent three years as the Head of New Channels Marketing at Nokia, and seven years in increasingly senior marketing positions at Viacom Media Networks.

About Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn is the postsecondary and career strategy of New Profit, a nonprofit venture philanthropy organization that invests in breakthrough leaders and innovations that create scalable, transformative, sustainable impact. New Profit’s mission is to break down the barriers that stand between people and opportunity in America. For the past 20 years, New Profit has applied the catalytic principles of venture capital and private equity in the social impact sector to provide breakthrough leaders with the financial and leadership capacity to scale their impact. Likewise, New Profit aligns leading actors in ecosystems and work to remove barriers to innovation and drive systems change in early learning, K-12 education, postsecondary learning, workforce development, criminal justice reform, and other areas.

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