New Profit’s Period of Collective Rest 2022

New Profit will be closed from August 29 through September 7 for a period of collective rest. 

August 22, 2022

New Profit will be closed from August 29 through September 7 for a period of collective rest. Below is a post we published ahead of our inaugural, organization-wide rest period in 2021. You can also read “The Radical Act of Rest”, a short post written by New Profit Co-CEO Tulaine Montgomery.

It’s hard to believe how much of the world has changed these last 18 months. Each of us has had to figure out how we continue navigating the pandemic, this era of reckoning and opportunity in our country, balancing virtual school, burnout, and loss all at once.

At New Profit, our team has navigated these challenges with grace, perseverance, and courage. Like many social impact organizations, our work over the past year-and-a-half accelerated as the pandemic and racial reckoning laid bare the inequities in education, economic mobility, and democracy. Among other things, over the past year we made new investments in breakthrough organizations that ensure wellbeing in education, launched major initiatives to reskill workers for the future, and supported entrepreneurs and ecosystem actors working to repair and strengthen our democracy. We’ve supported and advocated for important legislation and held several virtual convenings with philanthropic leaders, members of the United States Congress, and many of you, our partners and friends.

To continue moving this work forward powerfully, New Profit has decided to take a moment to rest and reset. Our team will be stepping away from the inbox, turning off the webcam, and closing the laptop. 

To our partners and friends, we appreciate your understanding as we hit ‘pause’. We encourage you to find the time and space to do the same in a way that works best for you.