Economic Empowerment

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Headquarters: Washington, DC

Year Founded: 1998



LIFT empowers families to break the cycle of poverty.

About LIFT

One in three Americans today is living at or near the poverty line, including over 16 million children. Of those that move out of poverty, half will move into poverty again within five years. For these Americans, a crisis at home or work sends their families into a downward spiral, negatively impacting their children’s well-being and dramatically altering their family’s trajectory.

LIFT has an 18-year history of empowering low-income adults to navigate through these kinds of crises and to regain and sustain stability. In this time, LIFT has focused on helping Members access housing, employment, public benefits, and other needs through goal setting, individual meetings, and referrals to social service providers.

Building on this track record, LIFT is shifting its strategy to focus specifically on supporting families with young children, recognizing the severe impact of poverty on young children, the critical role parents play as their children’s first teachers, and the enormous opportunity to help families break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. In the next phase of LIFT’s program evolution, is specifically tailored to strengthen parents’ personal, social, and financial foundations to help them provide greater stability for their families and set the stage for long-term mobility for themselves and their children. As part of this, LIFT will partner with child-serving organizations to ensure that children are receiving the support they need to succeed.