Focus Funds

Pushing Toward the Future of Social Problem Solving

In addition to the New Profit Innovation Fund, we operate “Focus Funds” that are vehicles for ambitious experimentation and risk-taking with emerging solutions to social challenges. Drawing on our 15 years of experience helping scale high-impact innovations, we bring together like-minded social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and institutional donors, researchers, policy experts and other cross-sector partners for intensive collaboration aimed at catalyzing new approaches and breaking through on intractable challenges. With New Profit as the driver and facilitator, Focus Funds integrate the following core activities:

  • Co-creating and collaborating on vision and strategy, operating plans and measurement;
  • Investing in visionary leaders who have created bold solutions with systemic change potential;
  • Advocating for public policy that sets the agenda, redirects resources and leads to better outcomes; and,
  • Capturing public attention and mobilizing support for major change.

Our Focus Funds are, in essence, dynamic new problem-solving networks within which unexpected breakthroughs and interactions can, and do, occur. Read more about our operational funds below: