Reimagine Learning Fund

Creating Learning Environments to Unleash the Potential of All Students

Reimagine Learning is a five-year, $35M fund launched in 2013. We focus our work in four core areas that, together, enable us to make a powerful contribution to influencing policy and practice to benefit all students, particularly those who are the most vulnerable:

Funding & Capacity Building:
Provide funding and advisory support to high-potential, social entrepreneur-led nonprofits to enable to better serve vulnerable students, to scale their innovations, and to enhance organizational sustainability
Policy & Advocacy:
Through our policy arm, America Forward, we drive powerful, practitioner-led federal and state policy advocacy to advance public policies and regulations that support the success of the most vulnerable students
Network Engagement:
Build and engage a cross-sector network of over 500 education leaders to share insights, support collaboration, and increase nation-wide focus on the needs of the most vulnerable students
Regional Initiatives:
Work in identified regions to develop proof points of districts and schools that are fundamentally transforming to better support all students, including the most vulnerable