Reimagine Learning Fund

Creating Learning Environments to Unleash the Potential of All Students

Funding & Capacity Building

  • Made 20 investments in social entrepreneur-led nonprofit organizations totaling $14.8M
  • Leveraged approximately $9M in pro bono support from Deloitte-Monitor and Vantage Partners to drive strategic clarity for our grantees
  • Grantee organizations in our portfolio serve approximately 4.5M students nationwide, and have shown an average of 12% growth in the number of beneficiaries served during the terms of their investment, resulting in an additional 1.1M students being served by these high-impact programs
  • All grantee organizations have made tangible programmatic changes to better meet the needs of diverse learners from low-income families

Policy & Advocacy

  • Through our partnership with the America Forward coalition, we have engaged over 35 organizations in the Reimagine Learning policy work group
  • Leveraged the America Forward K-12 education policy platform and ongoing input from the Coalition to shape key language in ESSA to reflect Reimagine Learning’s vision and priorities
  • Crafted a partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers’ Innovation Lab Network to launch a working group of six officers focused exploring what it would take to implement personalized learning with equity in their states

Network Engagement

  • The Reimagine Learning network has grown to over 500 individuals representing over 200 organizations
  • Gathered members of the network at 12 cross-sector convenings to build relationships and connections, share knowledge and best practices, and explore opportunities for aligned action
  • Over 25 partnerships are underway between Reimagine Learning network organizations, with over a dozen more actively being explored

Regional Initiatives

  • Drove two regional change projects in Massachusetts districts focused on supporting transformative change to meet the diverse needs of all learners

Salem Public Schools:
Partnered with the Superintendent of Salem Public Schools to facilitate a community-driven strategic planning process to create a community developed and owned vision of the future of education in Salem

Lawrence Public Schools:
Codified the Lawrence Acceleration Academies through a multi-media platform, The Golden Ticket