Reimagine Learning Fund

Creating Learning Environments to Unleash the Potential of All Students

Reimagine Learning exists to put the diverse needs of our most vulnerable K-12 students at the center of the national dialogue about the future of learning in the U.S. We support communities and schools to create teaching and learning environments that unleash creativity and potential in ALL students – including and especially those who have been systematically underserved – enabling them to realize academic and life success.

Across the nation, there is a rising tide of momentum to reimagine teaching and learning and to redesign schools. Reimagine Learning is committed to ensuring that this is a tide that truly lifts all, so that even those students with more complex challenges and fewer support resources benefit equally from the revolution in education that is underway.


Our vision is that one day, all students – including those with more complex needs and fewer support resources – will be in learning environments that have the capacity to adapt to meet their diverse needs and enable them to reach their full potential.


Our work is oriented around three core beliefs that were defined by our community of educators and practitioners as essential elements of a system that is fundamentally redesigned to support the diverse needs of all learners:

  • Student Agency & Voice:
    Students should be engaged in and control of their own learning, harnessing and strengthening their own voice
  • Personalized Learning:
    Learning environments should be personalized to meet the different talents and needs of every learner
  • Holistic Development:
    Teaching and learning environments should equally support the development of cognitive, social, and emotional skills


Launched in 2013 by a small group of organizations focused on spreading practices that support the success of the most vulnerable students, Reimagine Learning has grown into a cross-sector network of over 500 education leaders focused on transforming the understanding of learners that drives the design of schools and school systems.

To realize our vision, we bring together:

  • Innovators and Social Entrepreneurs:
    Visionary leaders who are committed to system-level change in education
  • Visionary Funders:
    A set of committed funding partners who aggregate capital and knowledge as core resources for the fund
  • Strategic Partners:
    A diverse set of organizations and advisors including philanthropists, policy-influencers, researchers and practitioners who inform and support our work

Reimagine Learning is supported by the following funding partners who helped build the foundation of this diverse, cross-sector network:

  • The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation
  • Poses Family Foundation
  • Oak Foundation
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • New Profit