Unlocked Futures

Empowering promising, early-stage entrepreneur to pursue impact at scale

Unlocked Futures, a partnership between New Profit and FREEAMERICA, is designed to unleash the expertise and insight of social entrepreneurs who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to remove barriers in America.

Unlocked Futures recognizes that entrepreneurship is a pathway for people who have been affected by the criminal justice system to earn a family-sustaining income and build a career. Unlocked Futures aims to open the opportunity equation to those impacted by the criminal justice system and remove barriers to social enterprise. People whose lives are affected by the criminal justice system have unmatched expertise and insight into where the system can be improved for better outcomes.


Will Avila
Owner, Clean Decisions
Clean Decisions employs returning citizens (ex-offenders) in a commercial cleaning service and leads Changing Perceptions, a nonprofit helping individuals coming out of incarceration to develop an ownership mentality - in their future, their community, and ultimately as an entrepreneur.
Amanda Alexander
Founder, Detroit Justice Center
Detroit Justice Center builds equitable cities and remedies the impacts of incarceration in the U.S. by delivering community lawyering services, economic opportunities, and other ‘Just City’ solutions.
Marcus Bullock
CEO, Flikshop
Flickshop provides inmates the ability to receive mail from a mobile app every single day from their loved ones.
Topeka Sam
Founder, Ladies of Hope Ministries
Ladies of Hope Ministries helps disenfranchised and marginalized women transition from incarceration back into society through education, empowerment, spiritual development, and housing
Teresa Hodge
Co-founder & Director of Strategy & Innovation, Mission: Launch, Inc.
Mission: Launch, Inc. Introduces technology and entrepreneurship to formerly incarcerated individuals as a way of ensuring self-sufficiency; manages the Rebuilding Re-Entry Coalition, a citizen-led movement committed to creating a more just and inclusive society for returning citizens.
Jason Cleaveland
Founder & CEO, Obodo
Obodo helps direct service nonprofits, especially those dealing with homelessness, addiction, and reentry - through a technology platform - to streamline their data, outcome, and training systems.
Dirk Van Velzen
Executive Director, Prison Scholars Fund
Prison Scholars Fund keeps formerly incarcerated individuals from re-entering prison by creating educational opportunities for success in their communities and life.
James Monteiro
Founder & Director, Re-Entry Campus Program
Re-Entry Campus Program works within and outside the Adult Correction Institution of Rhode Island to ensure that adults in transition homes have a college degree pathway that is integrated into their post-release support systems.