New Profit is excited to announce the launch of our Personalized Learning Initiative, an education initiative aimed towards inclusive social entrepreneurship and personalized learning. The Personalized Learning Initiative is part of a dual launch of education initiatives, alongside the Proximity Accelerator.

The Personalized Learning Initiative, which is led by New Profit Partner Trevor Brown, is an effort to invest in promising new approaches and technologies that can give students more agency in their own learning journey and provide teachers with tools to tailor classroom instruction to the unique needs of each student. As part of this four-year initiative, seven selected organizations will each receive an unrestricted grant of $1 million. Today we celebrate one of the seven selected organizations: The Learning Accelerator.

About The Learning Accelerator

The Learning Accelerator is the catalyst to transform American K-12 education through blended learning on a national scale. The model focuses on capturing best practices in blended learning; provide recommendations for leaders on conditions for scale; build capacity of educators; focus on measurement and effectiveness of these practices; and push for greater equity across Personalized Learning. Each child in America must have an effective, equitable, and engaging education that is personalized, informed by data, and mastery-based. Blended learning is a key mechanism for making this vision possible for every child, in every school, throughout the country. Their work focuses on five levers for transforming education with quality, equity, and scale: practices, conditions, capacity, measurement and equity focus.

About Beth Rabbitt

Beth is the CEO of The Learning Accelerator. An expert in blended and personalized learning, Beth brings deep experience in education entrepreneurship, talent development, consulting, and finance. She is based in Boston, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. As a parent, she is inspired daily and urgently to make schooling better meet the needs of every child, everywhere. Prior to becoming CEO, Beth was a Partner on the organization’s start-up team. In the organization’s first phase she led national strategies for developing human capital and for researching emerging teaching and learning models and practices. Before to joining TLA, Beth was a Doctoral Resident and the Director of Human Capital at Touchstone Education (now part of Matchbook Learning), where she completed research on building competency-based talent systems in next generation schools. She was also an Associate Partner at the NewSchools Venture Fund, a consultant to and with Education Resource Strategies, and the founding Doctoral Fellow at the Harvard Innovation Lab. Began begin her career in education as research fellow in educational neuroscience and as a director of environmental education for an urban youth program in Massachusetts.

Beth serves on the board of several education nonprofits, including the Highlander Institute and UNOW, Princeton University’s early childhood education center. She earned her B.A. from Dartmouth College and a Doctorate in Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) from Harvard University.

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