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August 13, 2020
The Future of Work Grand Challenge Powered by XPRIZE and MIT Solve
Bridging The Capital Gap For Black, Indigenous, & Latino/a/x Social Entrepreneurs
Deconstructing the Birdcage

What Makes Us Break Through?

The New Profit community is made up of amazing individuals who are changing our world, each month we will highlight a different member of this dynamic network. Meet Aimée Eubanks Davis, Founder & CEO of Braven! Click here to learn more about her and see what makes her breakthrough. We partnered with photographer Nima Taradji to document a typical day in for Aimée, her photos can be seen here and throughout the piece.

Civic Engagement 1:01
Civic Lab Roundtable: What We Need

New Profit Partner Yordanos Eyoel sat down with the democracy entrepreneurs of New Profit's first Civic Lab cohort to discuss what is needed to do their work effectively.

Faces of New Profit

Fatima Fairfax

Associate, Portfolio Performance & Success

Meet Fatima Fairfax

Kim Jackson Nielsen

Manager, Education Portfolio

Meet Kim Jackson Nielsen

Adetola Olatunji

Associate Partner, Learn to Earn

Meet Adetola Olatunji