Economic Mobility

America’s Best-Kept Future of Work Secret

Workforce boards have the potential to create a significant impact as we work towards economic recovery. In a recent Medium piece, Dr. Angela Jackson, a New Profit Partner, dives deeper into how we can modernize this important asset.

August 10, 2020

Dr. Angela Jackson, a New Profit Partner and Lead of New Profit’s Future of Work initiative, recently published a Medium piece about the potential that workforce boards have to drive significant impact as we work towards economic recovery amid COVID-19.

When we explore solutions to train and place workers in higher-wage jobs, the focus is often around what individual companies or programs are doing to close the gap and reach workers. However, there is another — often overlooked — resource that is a powerful complement to these initiatives. Workforce boards, located in all regions across the United States, identify the labor needs of local communities and direct public funding to programs that connect workers to training, jobs, and other resources.

In many ways, these boards are America’s best-kept “secret” in the future of work. As research from Jobs for the Future shows, workforce boards are in a “prime position to drive impact at scale.” These organizations represent the niche needs of local communities, reaching historically disinvested communities through public-private partnerships.

— Dr. Angela Jackson, Partner, New Profit

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