New Profit and America Forward Statement on Senate Confirmation of Michael Smith to Lead AmeriCorps

December 9, 2021

“We offer our sincere congratulations to Michael D. Smith on his confirmation by the U.S. Senate to serve as the next CEO of AmeriCorps. New Profit and America Forward have worked alongside Michael for years, and he exemplifies the type of leader our country and AmeriCorps sorely need: a fearless visionary, a champion of inclusion and equity, and a believer in the inherent power and potential existing in communities that have been overlooked and underinvested for too long. Among many other opportunities at hand, we believe Michael has the unique ability to build collective will and support for expanding national service, which is a powerful tool for advancing equity; providing pathways to greater economic mobility; expanding our capacity to support community-based projects and priorities; and securing a more inclusive, sustainable recovery from COVID-19. New Profit and America Forward look forward to continuing to work alongside Michael to advance a bold, inclusive vision for national service that is centered in equity, lifts up all of our communities, and moves all of America forward.”