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New Profit Invests $1M Each in Four Breakthrough Organizations

September 16, 2020

We are excited to announce that New Profit has made new investments in four organizations led by breakthrough social entrepreneurs:

  • Beyond 12: Led by Alexandra Bernadotte (formerly of New Profit’s Women’s Accelerator), Beyond 12 works to significantly increase the number of historically under-represented students who graduate from college and who translate their degrees into meaningful employment.
  • CASEL: Led by Karen Niemi, CASEL focuses on research, practice, and policy change to make social emotional learning (SEL) an integral part of American K-12 education.
  • PushBlack: Led by co-CEOs Julian Walker and Eskedar Getahun, PushBlack (formerly of New Profit’s Civic Lab) is the largest nonpartisan and nonprofit media organization for Black Americans, playing a unique role in the fields of civic engagement, technology, and media. This investment is being made in partnership with the Skoll Foundation.
  • Urban Alliance: Led by Eshauna Smith, Urban Alliance provides high school students from underserved communities with access to opportunities needed to solidify lifelong economic self-sufficiency.

Over the next four years, these organizations will each receive $1 million in unrestricted philanthropic funding. In addition, an experienced New Profit partner will join the organizations’ board of directors and serve as a trusted advisor to the social entrepreneur/leader on leadership team and board development, as well as strategic planning for growth and impact.

To learn more about these amazing organizations and their leaders, why we invested in them, and what support they will receive in the coming years, check out the links above.