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Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Samantha Abrams of Walker’s Legacy

June 22, 2023

Walker’s Legacy, one of eight organizations in New Profit’s first Economic Mobility Cohort of Social Entrepreneurs, equips entrepreneurial Black and Brown women with the tools to level up their businesses while leveling the business playing field. They offer a global community a welcoming, authentic, and supportive space to learn, grow, and succeed through highly-customized programming and educational content.

To help us get closer to Walker’s Legacy’s work, CEO & Managing Director Samantha Abrams discussed the importance of mental health and the value of unrestricted funding. 

Q: What is the one thing you wish more people knew about the issue your organization is working to solve?

A: Access to capital through coalition building with 16 national organizations that are led by and for Black and Brown women.

In partnership with PayPal, Walker’s Legacy presents Tech Tools & More to Grow Your Small Business

Q: What has been the most fulfilling part of the work that you do?

A: The most fulfilling part of what I do is seeing our Founders and our CEOs achieving the goals they set for themselves during their cohort. It is transitioning them from a succeeding mindset to a thriving mindset. I often times get to bare witness to the switch – the “ah-ha” moments that are truly transformative.

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Q: With the rise of focus on mental health do you have any practices, resources, or advice that you might offer to individuals working in the field that may be experiencing burnout?

A: As the CEO of Walker’s Legacy and my own family-owned businesses, burnout is chasing me all the time, but I work hard to outsmart burnout. I work-life integrate. I often say ” no ” and don’t feel burdened when I do. I also follow through and show up for folks so when I do say no, they understand completely. Some days my work comes first, some days my husband and children win, and some days I simply have to put myself first. That is my way of integrating everything and everyone important to me. I prioritize exercise almost every day, I eat well and at the end of my days, I typically make time to soak in a bath with my favorite candles—even if that soak only last 15 minutes, that is my 15 minutes to center myself and decompress from a very long day filled with meeting critical obligations to many. I don’t like to disappoint folks so this really helps me recover.

Q: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your organization, what would it be?

A: If I had a magic wand, I would instantly gift this organization a 5-year runway of funding with all critical positions staffed. Nonprofits truly need unrestricted funding to undergird the foundation and create a real path for sustainability.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share that might help people to feel closer to you or your work?

A: As a serial entrepreneur, I would love to connect with other small business owners by sharing my successes and failures. I would invite people to events, workshops, and seminars we host to build relationships in person. I would also showcase the successes of the companies I have worked with and how Walker’s Legacy’s accelerators have helped them grow, as this demonstrates my commitment to helping small businesses succeed. Additionally, I would offer advice and resources on how to start and grow a business to make me more approachable and relatable. I would also share my thoughts on industry trends and news to stay relevant.

Women in Economic Development & Civic Leadership Award recognizing outstanding dedication and contributions in advancing economic development, entrepreneurship ecosystems, and job opportunities

To get closer to Walker’s Legacy, visit their website, follow them on @walkerslegacy on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and read Black Women Entrepreneurs: Past and Present Conditions of Black Women’s Business Ownership, Black Women Entrepreneur Fast Fact Sheet, and 2021 COVID-19 Impact Study. Learn more about why Economic Mobility is a key investment area for New Profit.