Ian Magee

August 17, 2022

What are the benefits of coming together in person in this new hybrid work reality?

We caught up with New Profit’s Chief Financial Officer to get his thought on our newly launched Learning Week retreats.

“I joined New Profit at the end of 2016, and have worked mostly remotely from NYC since then.  During the first couple of years of my tenure, I traveled up to Boston frequently. I enjoy meeting with colleagues in person and getting to know the people I work with. I find it is much harder to do this and feel like a part of the organization if I’m working remotely all the time. I don’t feel like I need to be in the office every day, but being in the office some of the time helps me feel more connected to the organization, and it helps me to see better the impact of what we do and feel like I’m a part of helping to make it happen.

The first couple of Learning Weeks has been fantastic experiences for me, especially after the isolation of the pandemic. It’s so inspiring to meet all the amazing new people we’ve hired and reconnect with colleagues that I don’t necessarily work with closely but do enjoy hanging out with when we get to see each other in person. We’re social animals, getting together in person with the people we work with feels to me to be both natural & essential to maintaining a strong culture, which is in turn essential to us continuing to do the great work we do together as an organization.”

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