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We believe all communities should be safe, vibrant, civically enfranchised, and economically secure. Achieving this requires that all students have access to high-quality, holistic, and individualized learning environments that help them achieve their full potential.

Our education system is not responsive to a universe of students with a diverse range of learning assets and needs. Studies have shown that there are four student populations that have been systematically underserved by our system: students of color, students from low-income households, students with disabilities, and students who are English Language Learners. We need to fundamentally redesign our education system so we can better equip all students—especially those who have been underserved—to achieve academic and life success. We invest in innovative organizations working to address the learning assets and needs of all students, with a goal of fostering greater collaboration across the full education continuum from early childhood to K-12 to post-secondary.

Investment Areas

Innovative Learning Experiences
Invest in efforts to create and spread high-quality learning experiences (both in school and out-of-school) that promote Testcomprehensive student development, individualized learning pathways, and learner agency. We view these as investments in supply-side innovations.
Stakeholder Empowerment
Invest in efforts that inform and organize parents, young people, teachers, and communities so that they can exercise their innate power in demanding, designing, and co-creating these learning environments. We view these as investments in demand-side innovations.

Through our investments, we support social entrepreneurs who are partnering with communities to advance equity for all students, including the most historically underserved. In order for every student to achieve academic and life success, we must enable greater collaboration and integration across the education ecosystem — including integration across age ranges, issue areas, and supply and demand innovations.


Honoring Complexity and Building Community

In this piece, eight leaders of organizations in New Profit’s portfolio share their perspectives on the state of play in personalized learning and some of the challenges and opportunities that leaders are facing in this nascent field. It explores the potential of personalized learning to drive educational equity and the relationships these leaders have created through their participation in a New Profit cohort as they push for innovation in the field.

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Parent Power in Education

Nothing about us, without us, is for us.” Transforming education systems requires informing and organizing stakeholders so that they can exercise their innate power – individually and collectively – to drive and sustain change. Working with a network of leaders across the country, we have developed a set of resources to understand how parents exercise their power in education, and how parents, nonprofit leaders, and funders use measurement to maximize their impact.

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