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Get Closer: Hassan Hassan of 4.0

In this short, Hassan Hassan shares a personal glimpse into his world and describes how he’s found a sense of belonging and joy in his work as CEO of 4.0 and sees his role as a bridge in his personal and professional lives.

By Delanoe Johnson, New Profit

December 14, 2022

Meet Hassan Hassan. Hassan is a Sudanese immigrant, the child of immigrants, a husband, a New Orleans resident, and alumni turned CEO of New Profit portfolio organization 4.0. 

In this second feature of our Get Closer series, we spent a couple of days with Hassan Hassan, CEO of 4.0, to hear how he’s found a sense of Joy in Belonging and how as an immigrant leader, he sees himself as a bridge between two cultures. 4.0 invests in community-centered models of education, providing coaching, curriculum, community, and cash to those with the imagination to envision more equitable ways to learn and the desire to test those ideas ethically. 4.0 believes that anyone can spark real change in their communities when they have access to resources to develop their ideas at the earliest stages. Since its founding, 4.0 has made over 1,600 investments in founders to bring hundreds of education-focused ideas to life.

We invite you to get closer to the joy of belonging, learn more about Hassan’s journey to the work, and hear how 4.0 is serving as a bridge between the important work needed in the education space and the innovation that exists within communities across the country most in need to support their vision to scale.

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