Support New Profit Social Entrepreneurs on GivingTuesday 2023

November 27, 2023

GivingTuesday is a movement that unleashes the power of radical generosity around the world. The movement reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity.

This GivingTuesday (November 28, 2023), organizations across New Profit’s portfolio are actively participating in the event. We encourage you to learn more about their work below and support their efforts to reshape systems in their communities and across the country.

  • Saga Education: Saga Education is dedicated to advancing high-impact, in-school-day math tutoring that leverages both the power of human capital and technology to accelerate student outcomes and create more equitable learning for students.
  • CASEL: For far too long, school systems have been hyper-focused on test scores at the exclusion or deprioritization of social and emotional development. CASEL’s insight and call-to-action is to re-balance the focus on academic, social, and emotional development in schools.
  • Good Call: Good Call’s mission is to empower communities of color and create systemic transformation by using technology and community organizing to provide immediate access to legal support. By providing access to immediate legal representation, individuals are given a chance to prevent lifelong consequences for wrongful charges. By transforming the arrest process, Good Call advocates to make early legal intervention a standard process in NYC and beyond.
  • Backfield in Motion: Backfield in Motion is an extended learning program seeking to educate, engage, and empower at-risk youth to reach their maximum potential intellectually, socially, and emotionally while becoming significant contributors to an ever-changing and challenging society. As students enter high school, the organization encourages them to engage in sports to cultivate community and exposes them to a college/career readiness curriculum, including college visits, admissions counseling, internships, and job training.
  • Calculus Roundtable: Calculus Roundtable works to accelerate math and science skills for kids, particularly students of color, to give all students an understanding of the world through the lens of math and science.
  • Girls Leadership: Girls Leadership teaches girls to exercise the power of their voice through programs grounded in social emotional learning. They provide programs for girls, workshops for families, and professional development training for teachers, guidance counselors, and non-profit staff. Girls Leadership centers gender and racial equity in their work to address the internal and external barriers to leadership development.
  • Women on the Rise: WoR is a nonprofit organization led by women of color who have been impacted by the legal justice system. WoR works to educate, heal, and empower women and change laws that affect them.
  • Braven: Braven’s mission is to empower first-generation college students, students of color, and those from low-income backgrounds by equipping them with skills, networks, experiences, and confidence to secure strong first jobs.
  • Students Deserve: Students Deserve is a youth-led, intergenerational grassroots organization of students, parents, and educators working to end the school-to-prison pipeline in Los Angeles. Students Deserve is inspired by the Movement for Black Lives’ Invest-Divest platform and works in deep partnership with Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles. With an organizing focus on centering and empowering Black youth, Students Deserve has helped achieve major victories against the criminalization of youth and investments into vital resources that youth and families need and deserve.
  • Parent Teacher Home Visits: Parent Teacher Home Visits fosters student success and school improvement by leveraging relationships, research, and a national network of partners to advance evidence-based practices in relational home visits within a comprehensive family engagement strategy.
  • The Ever Forward Club: The Ever Forward Club is a youth development and mentoring program whose mission is to create communities of students who are setting and achieving their personal goals inside and outside the classroom.
  • SCD Enrichment Program: St. Clair Drake Enrichment Program is the only nonprofit organization in Colorado that recruits and provides cultural and educational support for middle and high school students of color who are in advanced coursework.
  • Emergent Works: Emergent Works is working to undo the discriminatory impacts of the justice system, and the challenging realities often brought on by being justice affected by offering free high-value skills-based educational programs, re-entry support services that provide mentorship, resources, and a pathway to careers.
  • i.c.stars: i.c.stars works to activate a technology community of change agents to power social and economic freedom. Working with low-income young adults, providing them with employment opportunities and preparing them for community-based advocacy allows us to achieve our social purpose.
  • TalkingPoints: TalkingPoints is a technology solution that facilitates more effective engagement between educators and families of underserved students, offering an easily accessible engagement tool that provides seamless two-way communication and scaffolded support in over 145 languages.
  • Think of Us: Founded by former foster youth and driven by a commitment to centering lived experience, Think of Us has evolved from a technology nonprofit in 2016 into a research & design lab, taking a novel approach to driving widespread change.
  • Joy as Resistance: Joy as Resistance exists to radically increase inclusive, supportive spaces and communities for queer youth through offering individualized mental health services and mentorship and by equipping educators, families, and community partners with services and strategies to implement in every space occupied by LGBTQIA2+ youth.
  • Racial Justice Coalition of Asheville, Inc.: The Racial Justice Coalition (RJC) is a broad-based alliance of individuals and organizations committed to addressing systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence against Black people and those most impacted by poverty, criminalization, and mass incarceration.
  • 4.0: 4.0 Schools believes that all people are capable of sparking real change in their communities if they have access to resources to develop and test their ideas at the earliest stages. 4.0 aims to shift both the distribution of resources and innovation in the education system closer to the communities the system is currently failing to serve.
  • Kingmakers of Oakland: Kingmakers of Oakland is a leadership development and systems change organization committed to fundamentally transforming the education system and building the capacity of people to design and sustain thriving and liberated systems, structures, conditions, and culture to improve educational and life outcomes for black students.
  • Basta: Basta is committed to closing the employment gap. Their model is focused on serving as the bridge between employers and an under-tapped talent pipeline— first-generation college students.