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Unlocked Futures- #WhyWeDoTheWork

FREEAMERICA and New Profit are proud to introduce several entrepreneurs who are doing the work with the new #UnlockedFutures Cohort II this year through this new #WhyWeDoTheWork storytelling series

December 8, 2022

We’re here to tell you #WhyWeDoTheWork. We’re working for America’s returning citizens and justice-impacted individuals. We do it to invest in and promote solutions that are changing how we approach the impacts of incarceration. FREEAMERICA and New Profit are proud to support several entrepreneurs who are doing the work with the #UnlockedFutures Cohort II this year! We are honored to share the stories and experiences of our social entrepreneurs and encourage you to follow us to learn more about the upcoming series.

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Kelly Orians, The First 72+

Why do we make it so difficult for returning citizens to integrate back into their communities? What happens when we invest in returning citizens and help them earn livable wages? Meet Kelly Orians, who co-founded the First 72+, who addresses just that. 


George Galvis, CURYJ

George Galvis, founder of CURYJ, pushes us to imagine what could happen if we invested in education, jobs, and community support rather than punishment.

David Heppard, Freedom Project WA

David Heppard, Executive Director of Freedom Project WA, discusses empathy, compassion, and the support he needed as an incarcerated individual.