Civic Engagement

We Can’t Wait Until November To Fix Our Democracy. Here’s What You Can Do Now

"Remember, our civic duty does not begin or end in the voting booth — it is in the everyday choices that we make."

Yordanos Eyoel, a New Profit Partner and lead of our Civic Lab initiative, recently published a piece in WBUR about the current state of our democracy, the distrust that runs rampant in it, and what we each can do to fix it.

On July Fourth this year, we're entangled in a web of complex crises: 125,000 lives lost to COVID-19, 44 million people unemployed, corrupt police and political systems and persistent and institutionalized racism that threatens the physical and psychological well-being of Black and brown people. And in the background, the 2020 campaigns and census count are unfolding. Unabashed efforts have been unleashed to legitimize voter intimidation and suppression tactics, especially, again, against Black and brown Americans. Yet the glue for an inclusive, healthy and responsive democracy — like a healthy relationship — is trust. Democracy requires trust in the political apparatus — such as Congress — as well as trust between its people.

— Yordanos Eyoel, Partner, New Profit

In the piece, Eyoel stresses the importance of building the trust that is currently lacking in our country and the fact that voting alone is not enough. Click here to read her insights on the state of our democracy and what you can do to help fix me.