Providing All Communities the High-Performing Schools Their Children Deserve

RSS is pursuing four priorities to achieve the Fund’s goals:

1) Provide multi-year growth capital and deep advisory support to help social entrepreneurs and their organizations scale their impact – both through direct growth and indirect capacity-building of others in the sector.

2) Create practitioner networks of learning and action with agendas co-created by nonprofit practitioners who collaborate to: (a) rapidly build their own capacity through sharing and co-problem solving; and (b) identify sector-wide solutions that build an infrastructure of impact and lower the barriers for more nonprofits to replicate their work.

3) Make targeted investments in early-stage, high-potential organizations and to catalyze innovation and collaboration between nonprofit practitioners.

4) Support education entrepreneurs in New Profit’s Proximity Accelerator to grow the pipeline of visionary early-stage entrepreneurs of color. We are constrained in growing this sector by the lack of leaders of color who represent and are in proximity to the communities we wish to be allies to. Additionally, many early-stage entrepreneurs of color in education lack access to the social capital so crucial to launching and scaling an endeavor. The Proximity Accelerator provides funding, targeted advisory support, and long-term access to New Profit’s network of relationships. Our goal is to help support these leaders and enable promising, innovative organizations to get to the next stage of growth and impact, creating a more diverse pipeline for New Profit’s portfolio and the broader social sector.

For more information, please contact Alex Cortez