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The Future of Work Grand Challenge

The $6 million Future of Work Grand Challenge is powered by New Profit, JFF, XPRIZE, and MIT Solve

The Challenge of Our Time

Automation. A growing skills gap. Low wages. Crippling student debt. The enormous challenges we face related to the Future of Work have now been heightened by the global pandemic and rising inequities.

How will we rebuild the economy and create a future of work that works for everyone? This is the challenge of our time, and we need your help solving it.

Powering the solutions

By identifying and funding the most promising ideas and solutions, New Profit’s $6 million Future of Work Grand Challenge, powered by XPRIZE, MIT Solve, and JFF will:

  • Empower social entrepreneurs to pilot their solutions through workforce boards with at least $100,000 in funding.
  • Rapidly reskill 25,000 displaced workers into living-wage jobs in the next 24 months.
  • Equip influential workforce boards with vetted tools to support the wave of displaced workers in six months.
  • Achieve broader systemic change to help prepare 12 million Americans from underinvested communities for workforce success by 2025.

The Grand Challenge puts equity at the core, seeking ideas from diverse entrepreneurs and advancing solutions that serve the most under-invested workers.

No matter how you look at it, the future of work is now. In launching this Grand Challenge, we have a rare opportunity to accelerate solutions which are built by diverse teams and work for the communities most impacted by centuries of unfair policies and practices.

— Dr. Angela Jackson, Managing Partner, Future of Work

Discover how the Grand Challenge elevates the voice of workers in future of work innovation through the XPERT Worker Advisory Board.

Operating Partners

XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling is helping workers facing systemic barriers, dislocation, and other challenges access knowledge and skills to help them thrive in the new economy, with a focus on reducing the time it takes to train for and secure living-wage jobs.

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MIT Solve: Reimagining Pathways to Employment

Reimagining Pathways to Employment Challenge, powered by MIT Solve, seeks solutions that help workers attain the knowledge and skills needed to access sustainable livelihoods. The Challenge seeks solutions that help individuals to access affordable learning opportunities, make informed decisions about career pathways, while also linking employer needs with the workforce.

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JFF is a national nonprofit that drives transformation in the American workforce and education systems to achieve economic advancement for all. For the Grand Challenge, JFF leads engagement with the American workforce system by focusing on creating pilots for winning solutions with workers, evaluated for effectiveness, and scaled through partnerships with future-focused workforce boards.

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As the social platform for work that serves 20+ million members each month, Jobcase provides the tools, community and capabilities to reach and empower workers across the US. The Jobcase platform will be leveraged for group communication and coordination, general promotion, and analytic support to help Grand Challenge organizers, Workforce boards, and participating companies implement transformative workforce initiatives.

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Funders represents the philanthropic efforts of Walmart and the Walmart Foundation. By leaning in where our business has unique strengths, we work to tackle key social issues and collaborate with others to spark long-lasting systemic change. To learn more, visit our website or find us on Twitter @walmartorg

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Strada Education Network

Strada Education Network is a new kind of social impact organization, working to help lifelong learners chart more effective pathways to social and economic mobility. Learn more about our efforts to build a learner-centered ecosystem so more workers can thrive.

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Accenture, Annie E. Casey, Comcast, Imaginable Futures, JP Morgan Chase, Lumina Ventures, Schultz Family Foundation, Siegel Family Endowment, The Joyce Foundation, The Morgridge Family Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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Dr. Angela Jackson

Managing Partner, Future of Work