Remembering and Honoring the Life of George Floyd

May 25, 2021

Today, we join our community in remembering and honoring the life of George Floyd, who was murdered one year ago in Minneapolis. Our thoughts continue to be first and foremost with his family members and other loved ones, who have shown such courage in the face of pain and trauma over the last year. 

Mr. Floyd’s death, one of far too many caused by police brutality, was a unique catalyst for an unprecedented reckoning with America’s long history of systemic racial and economic injustice. As a result, we have seen some momentum towards change start to occur across the spectrum of American society. However, we recognize that so much work remains to be done. Alongside many others, our organization is deepening its commitment to becoming anti-racist in word and deed. We are collaborating with staff, leaders, and partners from across our community to focus on advancing equity and social impact in everything that we do. We will continue to prioritize action and accountability throughout our journey. 

We also acknowledge that, even with the guilty verdict against Mr. Floyd’s killer and other measures of progress, there has been a polarizing backlash to the calls for racial and economic justice. White supremacy remains firmly entrenched in our society, and we must continuously recommit to uprooting it. 

We know that words are inadequate to fully acknowledge and capture what this day means for our collective humanity. Honoring George Floyd’s life and the lives of many others who have died – and honoring those around the world who have sustained the will and momentum needed to truly transform systems over time – gives us energy and hope for the future.