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Vote for New Profit at SXSW EDU 2023

Cast your vote for action-oriented discussions around the power of proximity, parent power and reimagining the role of philanthropy in education, and defining a new narrative for economic mobility.

July 29, 2022

Proximity is Powerful Technology For Change


Breakthrough solutions for our most intractable problems often come from the communities most impacted by inequitable systems — yet the social sector struggles to invest accordingly. How do we break away from the dominant culture and strategies of philanthropy to co-design solutions with the people closest to the issues we’re trying to solve? This panel will delve into how philanthropic leaders are shifting culture and funding structure and getting closer to transformational impact. 



Beyond the PTA: Reimagining Parent Engagement

Now is a pivotal moment for American society — and the future of the country’s education system is at stake. How do we co-create a new education system that is equitable and works for everyone? Hear from an expert panel about how changemakers can transform the education system by centering parent voices, with an emphasis on multi-racial and multi-generational coalition building to improve student outcomes.


Reimagining the Role of Philanthropy in Education


The most effective solutions to systemic challenges in education will come from leaders and organizations grounded in the communities they serve — yet national philanthropy often looks for scalable solutions that work across contexts. This meet-up, hosted by New Profit and the Gates Foundation with special guests, is a space for honest dialogue about how funders and social entrepreneurs can co-design solutions, shift resources and practices, and advance a new era of equity and shared power.



The New Narrative of Economic Mobility


The great resignation. A looming economic crisis. NoAw is the moment to rethink the way we meet the needs of workers, employers, educators and learners. How do we build a future of work where everyone can thrive? What would it look like to change the underlying mental models and narrative around economic mobility in the U.S. to advance true systems change? Hear from leaders co-designing and coalition-building across public and private sectors to create a new system of opportunity in America.